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Alice in Wonderland Adult Coloring Book

This is the second coloring book released by Zenescope with illustrations by Joe Brush. It is a bit of a disappointment compared to the first publication (Grimm Fairy Tales). In this book a third of the pages (15) are used for rather uninteresting wallpaper patterns - an unfortunate trend in books that try to bulk up their page count without adding much value.

advanced coloring book

Alice in Wonderland advanced coloring book

Pattern pages can be interesting in themselves (although I prefer zendoodle style to the repetitive wallpaper patterns). And a page or two can be good for testing bleed-through and color combinations. But I object when they seem to server mostly as filler.

Adult Coloring Book Alice in Wonderland

Adult Coloring Pages Alice in Wonderland

The cover image is perhaps a bit misleading. It is included in the book, but other illustrations are often a bit dark and of a different style. Image/print quality on some pages lacks clarity. Some people really like illustrations, however. I've seen comments including descriptions like "excellent", "sexy" and "spicy." There are quite a few Queen of Hearts designs, so if you're a fan you might especially enjoy this volume.

Illustrations are printed on one-sided pages, but the paper quality is rather low and light weight.


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