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Make Life Your Bitch: Motivational adult coloring book. Turn your stress into success! (Midnight Edition)

A fun twist on the adult swear word coloring book genre. These profane coloring pages are meant to be profound, as well. OK, maybe not profound, but inspirational, as in giving yourself a good swift kick in the ass for encouragement.

This is the "Midnight Edition" (meaning printed on pages with black backgrounds) of "Make Life your Bitch". The colorful expressions are meant to let you blow off steam like any good cuss fest. But they also contain motivational messages. Having a tough day or week? Break out this book and pump yourself up with a little macho encouragement.

Inspirational swear word coloring book for adults

Inspirational swear word coloring book for adults

"Turn Shit in to Gold"

"You're Pretty Rad - Keep that Shit Up!"

"Not Giving a Fuck is the Best Revenge"

You get the idea. Spend a little time de-stressing and motivating yourself at the same time. It's actually a pretty cool concept. Who'd of thought a good cussing could be such a positive experience!

The book is well-made too. The paper is sufficiently thick (about 60 lbs) and shouldn't bleed through with most gel pens. The paper does have a distinct texture to it. One reviewer did note that the printing was improperly aligned, leaving a white strip down every page. Hopefully that was a one-off problem, although it's a shame there wasn't any quality control to catch it.

The illustrations are pretty good and there is plenty of variety. They remind me of old-school Las Vegas neon signs. The black background of the pages add to the effect, and help the colors to stand out.

Motivational swearing coloring book for grown ups

Motivational swearing coloring book for grown ups

Swear and cuss adult coloring pages

Sweary words and cussing adult coloring pages


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