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Vive Le Color! Japan (Adult Coloring Book): Color In: De-Stress (72 Tear-Out Pages)

So lovely! This beautiful coloring book featuring 72 designs is inspired by Japanese Art motifs. I love having variety in my coloring subjects, and this book opens up a whole new genre for us coloring fanatics. The production of this book also offers some unique details.

Japanese Koi coloring page

[/media-credit] Japanese Koi coloring page

The book, or pad, is in a 6 3/4  x  6 3/4 inch format with top-bound sheets. This size is great for tucking into your bag, and the smaller illustrations make for quicker projects. Great for travel or when you're stuck waiting somewhere.

The sheets are "detachable" meaning you can pull them out from the glued binding (rather than tearing out perforated pages). This works pretty well, but if you try to pull out sheets from the middle, more than one might come out. So it could be better to work from the top down, rather than skip around. That way you don't have to worry about keeping the other pages out of the way as you work, either. The illustrations are printed one to a side on quality bright white paper that can accept pencils, makers or even watercolors. The pad has a backer board so you have some extra support if you work with it in your lap.


[/media-credit] Koi coloring sheet for adults

Some of the designs are fairly detailed, so it's a good idea to use fine tipped pens or markers with this book. (Other designs are simpler, so there's a nice range of difficulty) There is quite a variety both in subjects and scale, and at 72 drawings, a lot to choose from! There are koi and cherry blossoms, plus dragons, bonsai trees, fans and abstract porcelain patterns. The designs are printed in a light grey, which practically disappear under applied color. So they act more as a guide to creating your own beautiful art, rather than providing the bold outlines we are used to in most coloring books.

Using watercolors with an adult coloring book

[/media-credit] Japanese Bonsai coloring page

Simple bamboo coloring sheet for adults

Japanese art coloring book for adults

[/media-credit] Teapot from Japanese Art coloring book

Simple Japanese fan design coloring page

[/media-credit] Simple Japanese fan design coloring page


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