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Memos to Shitty People: A Delightful & Vulgar Adult Coloring Book

In the genre of swear word coloring books, this one is pretty entertaining.  Filled with 39 irreverent phrases, there's something for everyone (everyone you'd like to cuss out, that is). Some of the phrases are creatively quirky as well as rude: "Oh look... the fuck-up fairy has visited!"  All are juxtaposed upon a scene of gardens, flowers and innocent little critters. Part of the fun is coloring in all that sweetness and light surrounding the over-the-top nastiness of the intertwined expressions.

The animals are basic comic-like drawings, and the font for the phrases is simple but well-chosen for readability and for coloring in. The background scenes have a bit more complexity - enough to keep you busy for a while as you blow off some steam with your creative coloring. You can decide to hide the words within your color scheme, or make them stand out, big and bold.

The pages are of reasonably good quality, with images printed one to a side. Format is 8.5 x 11. There's even access to a PDF file as a bonus.

It's a fun book and a civilized way to pass some time and work out some pent up frustrations. Imagine who you'd like to send each page to as you color. You might start out feeling PO'd but I'll bet that by the time you get done with your delightfully vulgar message - and all those flowers and silly little critters - you'll be feeling better.
So when you've got something on your mind that you probably shouldn't say out loud to the person who deserves it most, settle down with this book and the adult beverage of your choice. It's a wonderful way to lighten up a crappy day and end it with a few giggles and a smile. And a lot cheaper than therapy!



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