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Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs

This is a wonderful collection of animal designs for coloring. The drawings are beautiful - each one with a clearly delineated animal, filled with interesting designs to color in. The focus is definitely the animals - the backgrounds are plain white. But the figures themselves are plenty intricate enough to provide outstanding finished works.

There is a nice variety of styles - the animals themselves range from fanciful to more realistic. They hail from all over the world; forests, deserts, grasslands and even the ocean. The complexity of patterns inside the critters offer a nice choice as well - some a bit simpler, some more complex. Something for everyone, and all of it quite attractive.

With 50 unique drawings in a 8.5 x 11 format, there is a generous amount of art in the book. There are no filler pages of repetitive wallpaper patterns. The figures have nice bold outlines that don't get lost when you've colored in the page, and crisp patterns for the detailed areas. There are horses, cats & birds, dogs & frogs, butterflies & warthogs. You're sure to find plenty that you love.

The pages are one-sided - perfect for when you want to use markers that would bleed through to the back side of the page. Paper quality is good  (though it's still a good idea to put an extra sheet behind the one you are working on.) The pages are not perforated, but that's a small disadvantage, and nothing an Xacto knife can't fix!

All in all, an outstanding publication!


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