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Peaceful Mandalas Vol 1: Anti-stress adult coloring book

You'll be transported away to world of peace and tranquility as you color in these beautiful mandalas. Each of Zaheera's 30 designs are highly detailed, so you'll probably want your fine-point pens or pencils as you fill in the gorgeous designs. The bold outlines look great with bright colors and allow for coloring in whole sections at a time, it you want a change from coloring each individual space. There are so many interesting patterns within each mandala that you will find many creative ways to color them in.

Mandala coloring book for relaxation and de-stressing

Mandala coloring book for relaxation and de-stressing

This is a printable coloring book that you can download instantly and print out at home (or at the office - we won't tell!). Printable page size is 8.5"x 11". Try printing on papers of different textures. They even look great on paper with light pastel colors, allowing you to highlight certain areas with brighter colors as you work on them. With our printable books, you can print as many copies of the pages that you like, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Anti-stress mandala coloring pages

Anti-stress mandala coloring pages

The e-book comes as a regular PDF file that you can download immediately after purchasing. It is formatted to print on standard 8.5 x 11" paper. Images have about 1/4" margin from the edge of the page, since not all printers can print right to the edge. PDF readers are standard on most every computer and phone these days. Even most browsers will display PDF files which you can then chose to print.  If need be, you can download the official Adobe Acrobat PDF reader here.

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