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Coloring Pencil & Pen Storage and Organizers

OK, so you've embarked on the delightful and relaxing pastime of coloring for adults. Maybe you've stocked up on some great sets of coloring pencils and gel pens. Some sets come with their own storage cases. Nonetheless, I promise you that you will end up with a collection of favorites and miscellany. Organizing and protecting your drawing tools is going to become an issue at some point. Fortunately, you're not the first to arrive at this problem, and there are a lot of creative solutions readily at hand.

When deciding on a coloring pen and pencil organizer, the main consideration is if you have a permanent workplace. In that case, an open, desktop organizer is the most convenient. You can have your pencils ready at hand for easy access, using a stand or case that protects the points and lets you neaten up by storing them away when  not in use.

If you are using your kitchen table, or like to take your coloring with you (a wonderful way to spend otherwise wasted "waiting"time) you'll need something more flexible and compact. Probably the majority of us don't have the luxury of a permanent art space, so let's start with some portable options.

Roll-Up Pencil Wraps

Pencil wraps are a convenient and inexpensive way to store and carry a surprisingly good quantity of pencils, gel pens or markers. A great example is the CreooGo canvas pencil wrap. It comes in a variety of sizes, holding from 36 up to 72 pencils. They also come in a variety of beautiful designs on the outer canvas wrap. These are durable and washable and get the job done very affordably.

roll up coloring pencil wrap

roll up coloring pencil wrap

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Zippered Pencil Case

Slightly more upscale are the zippered pencil pouches. I like the Pencetti Deluxe Pencil Case. It's designed like a book with 3 double-sided "pages" of pencil organizers, holding 72 pencils all together.  The semi-rigid, zippered sides offer a little more protection, and ensure nothing can slip out. The elastic straps do a good job of holding the individual pens or pencils in place, while being flexible enough to accept a variety of sizes. The pouch overall is still light weight and of a minimal size, while having a little extra space for a small notepad, eraser, etc.

coloring pencil & pen zippered pouch

coloring pencil & pen zippered pouch


BTSKY 160 zippered Coloring Pencil Case

BTSKY 160 zippered Coloring Pencil Case

If you're a real coloring road warrior with lots of coloring implements, another great choice is Thorton's Canvas Zippered Pencil Case, which holds 150 pens and/or pencils and markers. Another good choice is the BTSKY 160 Slots Pencil Case, pictured here. Each of its 8 fold-out sections holds 20 pencils. the whole case is just 8.46 x 9.84 x 3.15 inches, so it's compact and easy to take with you, or to fit on a shelf. It is well made with a durable oxford material and a strong zipper.

 This colored pencil holder will hold up to 160 pencils or gel pens perfectly, including Prismacolor colored pencils, Crayons, Raffine Marco Pencils,watercolor pencils, Blender Pencils, Sketch Pencils and many more. A must have pencil organizer for artists who have tons of pencils.

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Colored Pencil and Marker Storage Box

If you've got the space on a shelf or table, a well-constructed pencil box with drawers is a great way to go. Keep in mind you need room to pull out the drawers, as well as keep the box somewhere at or below eye level.

3 Drawer Wood Pencil Storage Box

3 Drawer Wood Pencil Storage Box

This 3 drawer box from Art Alternatives is a favorite. It measures 15-3/4 x 9-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches and will hold about 130 coloring pencils. The boxes are also stack-able. It is well made and looks beautiful. Note that they have recently upgraded the wood and joinery, but eliminated the foam lining that the drawers had in the earlier model. We like to have the foam lining, but it's an easy DIY fix if you want to put some in yourself.

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Desk Top Pencil Pen and Marker Holder

And finally, another great option for a desk or table are stands which keep all your pens and pencils visible and readily at hand. These are typically very simple in design, but do the job admirably at minimal cost. I like this one from WooCraftsArt. It snaps together in a minute and sturdily holds 96 pens, pencils or markers.

96 Holes Pencil Holder Pen Desk Stand

96 Holes Pencil Holder Pen Desk Stand

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