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Shuttle Art 136 Colored Pencils Set for Adult Coloring Books

This is an excellent set of coloring pencils from Shuttle Art featuring 136 unique colors. It's a good package to get started with, offering a big array of graduated colors to choose from, including 8 metallic colors.

The quality of the leads is very good. They sharpen well, are silky smooth to apply on a range of papers, and are hardened to resist cracking of the cores. The pencils come sharpened and hold a point well. You can layer the colors, but they don't blend very well.

Coloring pencils with a finely graduated range of colors

Coloring pencils with a finely graduated range of colors

The pencils are not numbered or named in any way. That's not normally a big deal, but you might occasionally have difficulty matching a color you have already used with the same pencil from the box.

The fitted case is a very nice feature. Some suppliers send out their pencils loosely packed or even in a bag! With this set, each pencil fits securely into it's own slot. This goes a long way toward protecting the points as well as the cores from breaking.  A minor design flaw is that the snaps of the case are positioned so as to risk damaging the points of a couple of the pencils. (You can avoid breaking those tips by putting your finger behind the snaps as you close the box.)

Rainbow of hues in this color pencil set

Rainbow of hues in this color pencil set

Overall a great set - good quality at a very reasonable price. Their creamy texture comes from a hard core oil base, letting you apply color smoothly without a lot of pressure. (For comparison, they are not as soft as Prismacolor pencils.) There are a wealth of colors from vibrant to subtle you can chose from. It makes a good starter set, but can also help you fill in ranges of color that you might currently lack.

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    I’ve got this set – really like it

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