coloring books for grown-ups

My name is Sergey. I come from Ukraine. I am an artist. I started drawing when I was 6 years old. Horses were my first passion. I saw illustrations with horses in the book my mother read me before going to bed, and they captured me. Later, I studied and trained in different styles of painting.

These days, I like working with books for children, caricatures, coloring books, etc. I paint using water colors, gouache, pencils, and of course my wacom tablet.
I’ve taken my talent from my father, and now I’m excited to see my son’s first steps in painting.

Illustrating books is an exciting cooperation of an author of a book and a painter. My goal is to understand and to feel deeply the author's idea of what his or her characters should look like, to transmit mood of the book in every picture I make.

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