coloring books for grown-ups

From Nikolaev, Ukraine

I create illustrations for books, unique character for books, comics and cartoons. For example, I was doing illustrations, artwork and characters for a children's book about trains.The book describes the real existing terrain model and present the techniques I reliably conveyed in his illustrations. The whole book has been illustrated in a blue color scheme, with embossing and gold paint. The characters I created cartoons for easy perception of their children. Illustrations for the book were in line with the age of 8 - 10 years of age and content.

I had an interesting project to create illustrations for commercials betting site. We first confirmed characters and painted different body parts on separate layers so they can then be moved, creating a video. After that, we created a video backgrounds and scenes. I've been doing video in adobe illustrator since it allows you to then animate them in Flash program.



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