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Pusheen Coloring Book

If you love Pusheen the Cat, this may be the coloring book for you. You'll get plenty of your favorite kitty here.

The images are not particularly detailed (and so, depending on your tastes, not particularly interesting to color). But you could say that is keeping with the minimalist style of the book's chubby little hero, anyway. Some of the illustrations are quite adorable, just not perhaps what many are accustomed to for an adult coloring book. And the simpler designs may be more suitable for coloring with kids.

Pusheen the Cat coloring book

Pusheen the Cat coloring book

Also the book is printed with illustrations on both sides of the pages, and the paper is not sufficiently thick to prevent problems. Markers will almost certainly bleed through, ruining the back side. Even using pencils with very much pressure will cause some shadowing on the back side of the page - and color from the pencils can transfer to the opposing page when the book is closed. Pages are not perforated, either.
Pusheen cartoon cat coloring pages

Pusheen cartoon cat coloring pages

So, this is not the most intriguing nor best produced adult coloring book, but you may be happy just to get such a big batch of cuteness all in one place.

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