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Colorful Cats: Stress-Relieving Cat Coloring Book

Colorful Cats is a great choice for cat (and coloring) lovers.  There is a good variety of scenes and styles in the 31 drawings. The illustrations range from single images to more complex full-page designs and there is a good variety in the level of detail. I enjoyed the different styles too - some are whimsical, some more realistic.

cat coloring pageFlorida Kayaker

cat coloring page

The pages are single sided and black-backed, so they are good for coloring pencils, gel pens, and even markers. The paper is medium weight and good quality for coloring. Pages are not perforated, but with a little over-working of the binding, you can pull them out without too much difficulty.  The format is 8.5" x 11" so any "keepers" are easily framed.

stylish cat coloring pages for adultsFlorida Kayaker

Stylish cat coloring pages for adults

By essentially breaking the book's spine, you can get the book to lie quite flat - a boon to coloring. (Having been taught to be delicate with book bindings as a child, I squirm a little to make recommendations like that. But alas - let's not impede the progress of our coloring!)

You can also access a PDF file of the book, if you'd like to print additional copies of the drawing on your own paper.

cat coloring bookFlorida Kayaker

cat coloring book

anti stress coloring book with beautiful kitties

anti stress coloring book with beautiful kitties

Relax and unwind with this cat coloring books for adults

Relax and unwind with this cat coloring books for adults

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