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1000 Dot-to-Dot: Animals

So here's an interesting take on adult coloring books - a sophisticated dot-to-dot variation. This publication isn't even marketed as a coloring book, but I see it as an intriguing two-phase activity, that can certainly involve coloring the "finished" dot-to-dot illustration.

Just as coloring designs for adults are much more sophisticated than their cousins for children, this dot-to-dot activity for adults is a world away from a child's connect-the-dots drawing.  The drawings come to life as you follow the path of hundreds of numbered dots. The numbers are tiny, and as with a detailed coloring page, it will take you a while to complete an illustrations. It takes focus and patience. But the results are impressive. You'll be delighted to see how the images come to life with the tonal shading and expressive line work. It's really exciting to see detailed drawings emerge from a mass of seemingly random dots.

Adult coloring and dot-to-dot book

Adult coloring and dot-to-dot book

And then... you have a lovely line drawing of a beautiful animal. And what do coloring fanatics do with line drawings? Color them in, of course!  So for me it's  a two-fer pastime that adds a whole new layer of creative concentration.

Dot to dot animal designs for coloring

Dot to dot animal designs for coloring

The book contains 20 images or "puzzles" to complete. Do be aware that they require good visual acuity, a well-lit work area, and a bit of desire and patience. It's not always easy to find the next number/dot, but that what makes them something of a puzzle. And afterall, the lines need to be created in a certain way to produce the final image. They are not for everyone, and thus have received some negative reviews.

To sum it up, I'd like to quote a fabulous review posted to Amazon: "Don't be turned off by the negative reviews. Good thing Amazon reviews didn't exist in the 1800s when folks were moving West, we never would have gotten past the Mississippi River: "The wagon ride is harsh and the days are long. 2 mules died and we ran out of potatoes. I wish I had stayed home in my log cabin in Virginia. I give this trip 1 star".

These are fantastic, challenging dot-to-dots that are great for passing the time....especially if you're in a wagon going West."

Animals adult Dot to Dot and coloring book

Animals adult Dot to Dot and coloring book

And to add a colorists perspective - think how you will enjoy coloring your drawings after you've made them!

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